It’s Been A While…


As the title says, it has been a while!

We’ve been doing a lot in the past few weeks–too much to explain now! Let’s just say, we went to Grapevine for Spring Break, and went to Legoland, the aquarium, rode a train, and saw a lot of cool shops.

Hey, news flash! I’m learning Irish (a.k.a. Gaelic)!! It’s sooo hard! Yeah…but I like the challenge. Someday I hope to visit Ireland, even though the language wouldn’t be a problem, since they only really speak Gaelic in Northern Ireland.

On Thursday, I have a pre-UIL concert for choir. We’re singing an Italian song, and it sounds so cool all together! I think the actual UIL competition is in a few weeks; for it, we have to sightread music, which means they’ll do it during the school day and in the band hall. They always kick us out of our band hall for events like that!

(In case you’re lost, I play the oboe in band, and I am also a soprano in choir [although, I have a wide enough range to sing soprano all the way down to tenor!], so I’m kind of on both sides, but definitely more for band.)

Anyway, in case you didn’t see on the “My Sisters” page, my younger sister got a blog recently! Check it out!:

Also, I’m pretty much completely renovating my entire blog, so if there are any awkwardly unfinished pages or the like, just know I’m working on it to make it look better.

And I will try to post more often, I promise!

síochána! (P.S. That’s Irish for “peace!”)


Something New!!


Wow, this is my first post all 2014! I bet you guys have been wondering about me; just so you know, I’m great. We’ve been pretty busy all summer…We went to Port Aransas; had several camps the first month of summer; had family over for July 4th; participated in Vacation Bible School with my good friend, Madelynne; went swimming; gone shopping for school supplies, clothes, and shoes.

Utter craziness!!

And now with school starting on August 26th (13 days away!), and me being in all advanced classes, I’ve had to study, too. I also had to read a book this summer for English, called Touching Spirit Bear. We’ll have a big test on it the first week of school.

(It’s actually a very good book. If you want to check it out, it’s by Ben Mikaelsen. I bought it at Barnes and Noble for $6.99, but I’m sure they have it elsewhere.)

Among the hectic moments, though, I have had time to do other things. I practice ballet every day, along with practicing my oboe for band next year. I’ve also been reading (as you’ve heard), writing an awesome novel I started, watching movies, drawing, doodling, painting, folding origami, making craft videos, and so on.

In fact, I’m making a new page on my blog for craft videos and pictures. You can visit it here, or click on “Art/Crafts” in the top bar.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting and/or updating this blog recently. From now on, I’ll post at least once a month.

Have a wonderful day!


Summer Sunshine!!!


This summer has been a blast! And if you don’t know what Hawaiian Falls is, well, it’s only the greatest waterpark in all of Texas!!! And this summer, we’ve been going there a lot, because we have season passes!!! But wait, my summer just gets better! A few weeks ago, my dad, Ashley and I drove to Austin and got to ride a train and went ice skating!!! That’s another fun part, including roller skating too!

Anyways, apart from the awesome stuff we’ve been doing out of the house and out of town, cool (and I mean both “cool”s) things have been happening randomly. Like my baby sister, Abby Lee (who is extremely cute) started crawling like a week ago!!! Nowadays, she’s everywhere! When we’re all eating and Abby is playing on the floor, we look down and she’s half under the table already!!!

Or another kind of exciting thing: my mom got a new coffee maker!!! Personally, I think it’s pretty neat.

With all these things going off all at once, it seems, I can’t imagine how summer 2012 could get any better!!!

More later from a•crazy•girl!!!

Christmas Fun!


Wow, I haven’t posted anything on here in a long time! It’s been 3 months since my last post, so I’d like to share with you my adventures so far.

My Christmas is a must-share on this blog. I loved everything about Christmas day, but the only bad part about it was 4:00 am- 7:30 am, in the morning. I was the only one who was awake through those times and I was BORED. The rule for Christmas morning in my family is that when the children wake up, they have to stay in their rooms until the parents come get them to open presents. The fact is, I always wake up earlier than anyone else in the house, and that morning I woke up at 4:00. But when we finally were allowed out of our rooms, we did stockings. Ashley and I both got a lot of office supplies, like colorful pens, a mini stapler, a hole puncher, tape, and more. Before we opened presents, though, we ate pancakes and applesauce for breakfast (I ate a Star Wars shaped pancake). THEN we all ran to the living room to open our gifts. I got a lot of things for my American Girl doll named Amethyst, and Ashley got things for her American Girl doll named Kanani, the Doll of the Year for 2011.  After every present was unwrapped, we had a whole day of play and fun left to enjoy!

I know it’s a little late, but MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

My B-Day!


Today is my 10th birthday! I had a lot of fun and got a lot of presents. After church we drove to Dallas to the American Girl Store. I spent my birthday money and other money I had saved on an American Girl Doll. It was very fun getting to do that! I have named her Amethyst.

It feels kind of different to be ten. I feel much more grown-up.  I can’t wait to go back to school tomorrow and tell my friends all about the best birthday ever! And only 365 more days until I turn 11!

4th Grade Fun


4th grade has been so much fun so far. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Hardin. Mrs. Hardin is very funny. She’s a great teacher for me. I have 19 other classmates other than me. A couple days ago, we started to learn about decimals. A few days later, we learned how to add them. Today we learned how to put hem in order from least to greatest, or, of course, greatest to least.

In music class, we’re learning about the different types of instruments. So far, we’ve covered the woodwinds and the string instruments. Next time, I think, we’ll be learning about the brass instruments. In P.E., we learned all the different types of exercise.

More later!

Lunch With Friends


Today we went to Poppa Rollo’s Pizza and ate lunch with some of our friends. Their names are Ryan, Sean, and Mrs. B. They used to live in Virginia but are moving to San Antonio. They stopped on the way to have lunch with us.

This summer we flew on 2 airplanes to visit them when they still lived in Virginia. We spent a day a Busch Gardens and the next day went to the beach and the pool to swim. We had Pie Day, where we sprayed each other with whipped cream, had pizza pie for lunch, and real pie for dinner! Mine was key lime pie.

I wish they could come to our house. I also wish that we’ll see them more often, now that they’re in Texas and will live a couple hours away from us.